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Soccer Invention Redefines Training and Winning

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March 06, 2016 04:07 PM

What is the most important skill to Master in Soccer in order to make it on the starting team and win games?

Such question occupies the minds of everyone interested in soccer, from professional players, to coaches, to serious youth players, and to soccer moms and soccer dads who care to see their kids excel at the sport.

The first thing that comes to mind is the ability to shoot, skillfully, strongly and accurately. The second thing that comes to mind is the ability to dribble and outmaneuver other players. The third thing that comes to mind is strategy, in order have an attack plan that provides the opportunity to shoot and score, and a defense plan to block opportunities for the other team. Naturally, there are also other skills often spoken about, such as strong defense, top physical form, superior goal keeping, etc…

Training often focuses on above skills, by providing players practice time to shoot at goal, maneuver around cones, participate in blackboard/whiteboard strategy sessions, practice games, etc…

However, a new invention from Norway, Europe, Footballmaster, is redefining the training landscape, to raving reviews and endorsements. Footballmaster focuses primarily on the importance of passing the ball and receiving the ball accurately, swiftly, and with incredible touch. The objective is quite simple: retaining possession of the ball. Without retaining possession of the ball, none of the skills mentioned in the first paragraph would even matter. Does it even matter if you are superb at shooting, or dribbling, if you never get the ball, or in case you do get the ball, you immediately lose it to the other team?


Almost 90% of all passes in Soccer are made on the ground. That´s why passing is Footballmaster’s main focus. Footballmaster, through its patented technology and mechanism, develops a player’s skill at First-Touch. If you do not know what First-Touch is, and the opposite team does, don’t expect to win many games, and ultimately, don’t even expect to get much play time, nor possibly get selected to be part of a winning team.

First-Touch is the ability of a Soccer player to put the ball in open space and get it out of his/her feet in order to deliver a crisp pass or take a clean shot. Without a good First-Touch, it is impossible to play at highly competitive levels. A good First-Touch allows the player to shield the ball, play the ball quickly & smoothly, beat players on the dribble, and score goals.

First-Touch is one of the most difficult skills to learn in Soccer, and that is primarily what Footballmaster teaches, and eases, in an enjoyable way. One of the top Professional teams in the world, Barcelona, has exceptional First-Touch that enables them to keep possession for very long, as exhibited by Messi, Alves, and Iniesta.

How does Footballmaster enable players to develop First-Touch? Footballmaster improves passing and First-Touch in Soccer faster than any other training device by enabling players to initiate and receive up to 1000 quality passes in 30-minute drills. The company states that after only 2 hours of training, Soccer players will already witness an improvement in their ability to pass, receive, and improve First-Touch. The company believes so strongly in its ability to deliver results, that it provides a 14-day satisfaction/money back guarantee in case a client is not happy with the result.

By focusing on the technical aspect of Soccer, including passing, receiving and First-Touch, it seems that Footballmaster is indeed making a compelling argument as to why it expects to be regarded as an indispensible tool for any soccer player, club, league, or school. It is very possible that one day, Footballmaster may become to soccer, what the basketball hoop on everyone’s garage door has become for basketball. Indeed, for the first time, Footballmaster is also enabling soccer players the ability to train effectively on their own, in their own back yard or front porch, to improve their skills, through repetition, accuracy and determination.

Footballmaster Pro


Footballmaster does not come cheap, with the Pro model priced at $599 and the Junior model priced at $299, although the company has been running a limited-time pre-launch discount of as much as 15%. However, a pair of soccer shoes/cleats can cost these days as much as $200 to $300, and yet, soccer shoes don’t make you a better player. Footballmaster does, and will back such pledge with a satisfaction/ money back guaranty. As a result, serious and aspiring Soccer players seem to see a clear value in owning Footballmaster, which at the end of the day is an investment in themselves, to bring their skills and game to the next level.

The company has also instituted a sophisticated referral program, enabling it clients the opportunity to receive unlimited referral fees, hence offsetting and possibly even exceeding the purchase price for the machine. It seems buyers can potentially turn Footballmaster into a profit center, depending on how many referral sales they make. Footballmaster has also facilitated payment for the device, enabling clients through third party payment processors to stretch payment for up to 6 months with no interest.

Footballmaster has also received multiple endorsements from several high profile soccer professionals and clubs throughout the world, including the following:

  • Hank Steinbrecher**, one the highest authorities on Soccer / Football in the USA and the world, former U.S. Soccer CEO/Secretary General US Soccer Federation and member of the National Soccer Hall of Fame, recipient of Werner Fricker Builder Award, which is awarded to an individual who has worked tirelessly in furthering the interest of the sport of soccer without regard to personal recognition or advancement through decades of professional experience in Soccer / Football as a professional player, coach, and promoter of the sport, voted as a Lifetime Member of the United States Soccer Federation in 2003, and more.., says:
    Footballmaster is very innovative, and unlike anything else that exists today in the market. Having been active in Soccer / Football all my life, as a player, coach and executive, I believe Footballmaster provides tremendous value in improving the important technical aspects of any serious player’s game: passing, receiving & touch, which constitutes over 80% of the game. Developed in Norway, the product has benefits to any player or coach. It is a perfect teaching tool, and should be part of any training regimen. Footballmaster is a terrific training aid to develop touch. It will benefit all players regardless of age, gender or level of play."

  • AC Milan, the professional Italian Soccer club with the highest number of wins to its credit of any professional soccer team, has bought Footballmaster, and one of the coaches of the academy, Mr. Pietro Lietti, thinks this will be an important tool for developing basic technique for aspiring serious Soccer players for many future generations to come.

  • Lars Tjærnås, former Head-Coach of the National Norwegian Youth Soccer Team, tested Footballmaster and believes it is by far the best training tool for technical training in Soccer on the market today. Lars also states that, to be good and confident, it`s all about practice and the number of repetitions. He states:
    “The future of the game of Football / Soccer will place greater and greater demand on basic technique, whereby Footballmasterwill prove to be the perfect companion.”

  • Niklas Gunnarson, Norway National Team player for U23, has trained on the Footballmaster PRO for developing basic technique and he states:
    Footballmaster Prohelped me take the last little step in becoming a confident Premier player. It is a class Product”

  • Filippo Giovagnoli, Head-Coach Metropolitan Oval Academy, NY USA, and former Technical Director of AC Milan’s Junior Camps in Italy and throughout the United States, and Head-Coach of the Italian Soccer Training Exchange Program based in new York, believes that Footballmaster is the best tool on the market for training important core skills such as passing, receiving and First-Touch. He states:
    “Our players can`t leave the machine alone even on their breaks; so it is both inspiring and fun to use. It also helps the coaches and players to keep focus. The competitions you can use for testing the players skills and progress is brilliant. Footballmaster also builds self-confidence. I highly recommend Footballmaster.

    Lena Wahlberg, Director for Høland IL, prestigious Norwegian Sports Club in Operation since 1902, states:
    “they are constantly used, and even 6-7-year-old kids use it. This is the best deal we have ever done. ″

  • Valentin Fux, trainer with prestigious St. Niklaus Football Club, Valais, Switzerland, states:
    “We are convinced of the Footballmaster. Our team started training with four Footballmasters in October 2015. The Footballmaster is used around 15 to 20 minutes in each workout. Footballmaster helps the player mastering basic technique faster. Players can train the left and right foot-intensive, which ultimately increases their quality. We recommend the Footballmaster because you can use it for many different exercises and team-internal competition.”

  • Palestra Del Calcio (Italian National Players Academy) says:
    “The Footballmasteris by far the best tool for improving core skills.”

Footballmaster is redefining soccer training, enabling players to master skills that foster team play, by retaining possession of the ball, while at the same time enabling players to improve their skills by having the ability to practice soccer effectively at home, in addition to doing so at the league, club, academy or school. Given Footballmaster’s complete value proposition, it seems that those who do not get on the Footballmaster bandwagon may soon be outplayed and outmaneuvered by those who do…

* Bachar Samawi Innovations has distribution and representation rights for Sports Invention, AS, Norway, including Footballmaster
** Mr. Hank Steinbrecher is also Advisor to CEO for Bachar Samawi Innovations
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About Footballmaster
Footballmaster is a revolutionary Patented training tool invented in Norway that Provides World Class Skills in soccer / football to Professional Players and serious Footballers of all ages, including youths and children. Footballmaster gained the praise of Professional soccer players and coaches throughout the world, including National Teams, through its demonstrated ability to improve passing and touch faster than any other training tool. Footballmaster accomplishes such task through its unique mechanism Patented in USA and globally. Such design, unlike any other product on the market, efficiently provides serious Footballers the possibility to do 1,000 quality touches in 30 minutes.
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